We believe Crowdloan is the most important moment in the upcoming Kusama Parachain Lease Offering. That’s one of the reasons we have the highest bonus set during this period.

Not only do we want to give the highest bonus for our Crowdloan participants, but we also want to give them something rare, something unique. Our partner Mochi.Market and a new collaboration with RMRK will give our Crowdloan participant that rare, unique NFT.

Note: it’s only possible to claim these NFTs if you join the Crowdloan through wallets that support Crowdloan & Auction, not through exchanges! …

Plasm Network is a multi-chain dApps hub on Polkadot that supports Ethereum, WebAssembly, and layer 2 solutions like ZK Rollups. Shiden Network, the sister network of Plasm, will be the multi-chain dApps hub on Kusama.

Today, I’m very excited to announce KwikSwap as the first DEX built inside our ecosystem.

KwikSwap aims to be a new cross-chain automated protocol on Polkadot & Ethereum incorporating Plasm Network Parachains. The KwikSwap protocol provides developers, liquidity providers, and traders the opportunity to participate in a decentralized financial marketplace that is open and accessible to all.

What is a DEX?
A decentralized exchange (DEX)…

Those who attended Plasm’s recent NFT and Interoperable Bridges discussion will have heard Bondly CEO Brandon release a little teaser of an extended partnership between our two leading projects, and we’re excited to announce that the rumors are true!

Bondly will be using Plasm Network to further expand into the Polkadot ecosystem with their upcoming NFT launchpad, the NFT trading platform BondSwap and the upcoming BondProtect. Plasm will also be launching a very special NFT on the Bondly launchpad soon! Stay tuned for more details.

What’s next?

For milestone 1, Bondly will first add the contract on Dusty (testnet), doing a complete…

Mochi.Market, a multi-chain decentralized exchange ecosystem for non-fungible tokens (NFT) that recently launched an NFT marketplace on testnet ‘Dusty’, today announced it will partner with Plasm Network to build a Polkadot version of its multi-chain NFT DEX ecosystem. Mochi.Market aims to solve three important challenges in the NFT marketplace including lack of liquidity, lack of monetization strategy for NFT holders, and lack of cross-chain usage between NFTs and fungible tokens (FT).


Sophia Ho, MochiLab’s Co-Founder and CEO says, “Plasm is one of the most promising projects in the Polkadot ecosystem. As Mochi.Market envisions to be a multi-chain decentralized exchange ecosystem…

Credit: Community Member

Last week we opened our waitlist for Shiden network. We closed the waitlist for new participants Friday, April 2nd. Not on the waitlist? No worries, you still can join the Kusama PLO for Shiden Network when it’s live.

Shiden Network is a completely community-driven multi virtual machine dApps hub on Kusama. Our main goal is to become one of the first parachains that acts as a dApps hub on Kusama!

IMPORTANT: All participants who submit this form will receive instructions closer to the parachain lease offering. …

Recently a new Polkapet has released: Plasm! This collectible NFT goes beyond just holding value as art by adding unique utility to each cardholder in our and Polkapets ecosystem.

The sale was a huge success! The 800 NFT art-cards sold out in just over 4 minutes — the fastest sale ever on a Polkapet release. With the help of NFTyLabs, we added value for owners of their PolkaPet NFT, Plasm, by providing users that hold the NFT with Special Access Rights (SPAR). …

Dear community. We are happy to announce this weekly #14. With our weeklies, we want to keep our community educated and up-to-date with the latest development in Plasm Ecosystem.

ZKRollups are coming to Polkadot

We are very excited to announce we made Milestone 1 of our ZK Rollups grant.

We made it possible to deploy Matter Labs’ Solidity ZK Rollup contracts on Substrate and Plasm Network. Shinsaku Ashizawa, a Rollups engineer at Plasm Network and the founder of Artree, led this project. Plasm is one step closer to serving as the premier smart-contract Parachain on Polkadot with its layer2 support.

Polka Defiance

We, Plasm Network, are excited to join the world of PolkaPets with our own unique PolkaPet NFT.

PolkaPets will be the first-ever digital collectible card game that features Polkadot projects in interactive and immersive gameplay. It is our answer to making blockchain more interactive for community members.

PolkaPets is an NFT Collectible Card where each PolkaPet, embodied as an artistic creature, represents a specific project within the PolkaPet ecosystem. This creature's abilities, behaviors, and strengths are connected to the specific vision of Plasm of which that creature represents.

And we, Plasm Network, are excited to announce the launch of our…

Plasm and Acala have completed the first XCMP-lite transaction on Polkadot’s testnet, Rococo

We are thrilled to announce that Plasm Network successfully completed a cross-chain message between Plasm and Acala on Rococo, Polkadot and Kusama’s parachain testnet.

Acala, our friend in the Polkadot ecosystem, is also running a parachain successfully on Rococo. As two parachains connected through Rococo’s Relay Chain, we started testing cross-chain use-cases.

Acala recently had a successful token transfer locally to Laminar via XCM (Cross-Consensus Message). Acala built and released the XTokens pallet for token transfers in the Polkadot ecosystem. Any parachain using the XTokens pallet…

Smart contracts are beginning to take root amongst a wider base of people as new backend infrastructure for more secure and fair social and economic systems. Markets like DeFi are already proving this, with a total value locked at over $30B USD. This is a significant milestone, but continuing to scale further into the hundreds of billions will require an even greater focus on maintaining extreme infrastructure security and reliability levels.

While underlying blockchain systems and smart contract code are often studied in-depth, oracle infrastructure is not. Yet, it’s just as critical to the success of DeFi and smart contracts…

Maarten Henskens

Belgian #9000 — Web3.0

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